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Family Medicine Residency Program

FMRP Facts at a glance

  • No other residencies at CMH.
  • Approved positions are four per year—12 total.
  • Clerkships/Preceptorships offered to Medical Students.
  • Resident Call:
    • Call duties for the inpatient service at Clinton Memorial Hospital is covered by a night float  system Monday-Friday.  Inpatient team members alternate daycall from 8am-6pm.  The night float resident covers the service from 6pm-8am.
    • First year residents cover one Saturday day call per month from 8am-4pm.  Overnight call is split between the second and third year residents for Saturday and Sunday nights.
    • OB call is in house Monday-Friday 8am-8pm.  OB call is covered by the inpatient team from 8pm-8am.
    • Inpatient chief call is from home