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Here at East Clinton Medical Services, we’re growing to meet your needs. We offer a full range of primary healthcare services at our offices, including care for all age ranges and pregnancy care. Both family practice physicians have privileges at Clinton Memorial Hospital. Physicians may or may not be able to provide you direct care while in the hospital, but will be in daily contact with the inpatients care team.

Acute Care Appointments

Patients that become ill and need an acute care appointment are encouraged to call the office when symptoms arise. The doctors have set aside acute care appointments at various times throughout the day. These appointments will be filled in the order requested, and according to the severity. Please call the office as early as possible to help us provide your same day medical needs.

Phone Calls

When calling please be ready to provide your name, date of birth, phone number, allergies and correct spelling of medicine names (remember, many medicines sound the same). Our goal is to answer:

  • Emergency calls immediately.
  • Urgent calls will be answered within four hours.
  • Non-urgent calls within 24 hours. If you havean emergency after hours, call (877) 844-3330 and you will be connected to the appropriate covering doctor. You can help us return your phone call faster by calling us only once with each message. Multiple phone calls delay us answering your question. Only make duplicate calls if you have not heard from us according to the above guidelines.

You can help us by calling your pharmacy for drug refills. You may fax us your non-urgent messages at (937) 584-4941. Also, please do not call the doctors at their homes. They appreciate your respect of their privacy.

Test Results

We know your test results are important and we understand your desire to retrieve this information. Please be assured that we will contact you immediately with any significant abnormality that requires prompt medical attention as well as anything that is too personal to be sent through the mail.

Otherwise you can expect to receive a phone call or a letter. If a letter is sent it will be mailed to the address you have submitted to our office. Please notify us if you do not receive your results within 7-10 business days.

  • Patients that have regular PT/INR testing can expect a phone call within 24 to 36 hours if we must change your dose of Coumadin/Warfarin.
  • Certain tests such as pap smears, stress test, x-rays, and antibody screenings will take longer before results are received.
  • Please take the time to complete a self-addressed envelope for us to use to mail your results. These are available in each exam room.

Medication Refills

Our practice office policy is to allowup to 24 hours to refill all prescriptions to insure your health and safety. We have a specific protocol for prescription refills that will ensure a timely response while avoiding medication errors. For routine refills, we ask that patients call their pharmacy. The pharmacy will then fax us a refill request.

Insurance Coverage

Please research your insurance coverage. Items patients assume arecovered and often are not include vaccinations, surgical procedure (such as skin lesion removals), well-child care and preventative visits (such as pap smears). Please be aware of what your insurance will cover. If you are uncertain, consult your insurance handbook or call your insurance representative.

East Clinton Medical Services

12459 US 22 and SR 3, Sabina
Phone: (937) 584-2459
Fax: (937) 584-4941

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